Music star, Koffi Tha Guru who recently joined the COSON Board has heaped praise on the organization’s way of doing things.

Koffi Idowu-Nuel who replaced the rub – a – dub master Ras Kimono of blessed memory, described his first Board meeting as “very encompassing”. 

He also went on to say he just realized that COSON as a body has been at work on several levels he never knew of and was greatly impressed.

Asked if COSON works genuinely in the interest of artistes in Nigeria, the star said “Very much indeed! I found COSON to be transparent in all ways and bearing more than it should, to the best of my knowledge. The government should be responsible for most of what I noticed COSON has taken upon itself and taking charge responsibly for the benefit of all registered members.”

“Everything I wasn’t clear about was made very open right on the floor, something you don’t see in several organizations. I am very delighted to be a part of the COSON Board and I hope to contribute my quota in the best way possible to add value to the body.”

The multi-talented musician who is currently working on his 14th album enjoined all performing artistes, composers, record label owners and music publishers who haven’t joined COSON to do so immediately to enable them reap from their creative ingenuity.

COSON is a government approved collecting society for musical works and sound recordings in Nigeria, tasked with ensuring right owners and stakeholders earn royalties from the commercial exploitation of their works.

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