Are you a composer of music (of any kind), a writer of lyrics or a performer of vocals? If yes to any of the listed, then you are a MUSIC CREATOR.


If you are a music creator and hope to earn royalties from the exploitation of your works, the COSON is the place for you.

A lot of people play significant roles in bringing that great piece of music that you enjoy to the public and COSON is charged with protecting the rights of everyone involved in the creation of musical works and sound recordings in Nigeria. These people are the composers, authors, song writers, record labels and music publishers. To qualify for membership into COSON, your works must be active – this means that they must have been recorded commercially, performed in public, or have been broadcast on television channels or on radio stations


A composer is someone who writes and directs original music used to produce various types of media entertainment. From composing the beautiful music for songs, to the composition of the underlying music played in a jingle or movie, composers are key component in the music industry.

If you write and create original music in a fixed form, then you are a composer. Also note that composers of music have numerous rights within their compositions. COSON administers what is known as Performing Rights and controls the usage of your song in public or commercial place/setting. COSON also administers your Mechanical Rights, which is a right that come into play when your music is reproduced in any form. As a composer, COSON ensures that a license is issued to music users prior to the exploitation of your works. The licensing fees make up the royalties which are then collected on your behalf and distributed.


It is generally accepted that lyrics give meaning to each piece of music. If you weave words into melodies and create lyrics that accompany music, then you are a music author and as such is entitled to be paid royalties upon the usage of your works.


Music Publishers ensures that the world gets to hear your composition. It is the job of the music publisher to get record label’s A&R executives to listen to the recordings of indie artistes. The label then provides the funds needed to execute the artiste’s project. The publisher also exploits the song in ways such as having it as the sound track to a game, being used in an advert, a movie, or a documentary. Music Publishers most times help music creators get their fair dealings whenever their works is used in those platforms As a Music Publisher or Record Label, you can become a COSON member and earn royalties from the public exploitation of the music in your catalogue of music if that catalogue has been commercially recorded and published and the creators of the music are members of COSON or one of our international partners.


Get started with your membership by following our step-by-step application process.

To become a COSON member, you need to meet certain requirements. First, download the application forms. Your forms should be scanned and submitted along with the required documents.