COSON Lawyer Hammers Efe Omorogbe & “Aibee” Abidoye


Mr. James Ononiwu of Whitedove Solicitors, renowned lawyer to Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has swiftly reacted to a media statement jointly issued by Efe Omorogbe who led the failed 2017 “coup’ in COSON and his friend, Ibukun “Aibee” Abidoye of Chocolate City Music.


In separate but similar letters to Mr. Omorogbe and Ms. Abidoye titled “WARNING!” and dated March 20, 2020, Mr. Ononiwu took serious issues with the duo for attacking the 10 billion naira lawsuit recently filed by COSON against the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).  


In his letter to Omorogbe, Mr. Ononiwu wrote, “Our attention has been drawn to an ill-advised statement dated March 19, 2020 credited to you and one Ibukun “Aibee” Abidoye in which you went on a tirade against our client in what is clearly another attempt to damage the image and hard won reputation of our client.

“We are not unaware of the likely frustration you may be going through as a result of the calamitous and disgraceful failure of your plot to hijack the Chairmanship of COSON and take over the society in 2017, a plot which the members of COSON overwhelmingly shot down. You are obviously unhappy that despite everything you have thrown at our client, in your rage at the wholesale rejection by the members of our client of your plot to take over COSON, our client continues to stand tall.

“We however did not believe that your desperation will get to the point where you will completely throw caution to the wind and publicly and openly become the judge in an important matter before a court of competent jurisdiction in which you are not even a party. How dare you!!!

Continued Mr. Ononiwu, “It appears that after three years of your misadventure, you are still daydreaming of leading COSON, an organization you have done everything to strangulate and impose punishment on its innocent members. Be told that your current attempt to desecrate the temple of justice will not be laughed at.

“Are you saying that the Nigerian Copyright Commission with its battery of lawyers is not competent to defend itself with respect to the weighty issues our client has brought to court or are you confirming the wide speculation that you have been working hand in hand with some people in the NCC in the attempt to strangulate COSON and impoverish the thousands of members of COSON? Are you saying that COSON which has been built on the constant questioning of the law no longer has any right to go to court to question the use or misuse of Nigerian law? Meanwhile, both you and Ms. Abidoye’s company are in court seeking judgment against our client!”

The fiery Lagos lawyer concluded by warning Efe Omorogbe and “Aibee Abidoye”. In the words of Mr. Ononiwu, “You are hereby severely warned that Nigeria remains a nation of laws and if you do not caution yourself and desist henceforth from being a self-appointed judge, publicly commenting and passing judgment on any of our client’s cases before any court of law, we will ensure that the full weight of the law is brought against you without any further reference to you”

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