BREAKING… COSON Files Notice Of Appeal On Saidu’s Judgement

Lawyers to Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), G.O. Sodipo & Co, have today filed an immediate Notice of Appeal and Motion for Stay of Execution at the Federal High Court, Lagos with respect to the judgment of Hon Justice Saliu Saidu  delivered today which raised issues on the name of the society.


COSON wishes to assure all its members, affiliates, licensees, reciprocal representation partners and the general public that there is no judgment anywhere saying that COSON is dead or has ceased to exist. The general public is aware of the gang-up to destroy COSON for no other reason than that COSON has been phenomenally successful. Nothing the adversaries have done has stopped COSON from standing tall. Anyone who thinks that events today will stop COSON is daydreaming. Indeed, COSON is working!


With all due respect to the learned judge, we vehemently disagree with his decision, for very good reasons. We have asked our lawyers to forcefully appeal the judge’s decision up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. By filing the processes in court today without any delay, the lawyers have shown that they are equal to the task. Like most people know, the beauty of the judicial system in a democracy is that no decision is final until the Supreme Court has spoken. We have 100% confidence that the name COSON, will continue to shine bright across the Nigerian nation and across the world for many years to come.

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