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Do you play music in a public or commercial setting? Does your business establishment or facility use music publicly? If yes, that makes you a Music User!


If you play music in the course of doing your business, you are a music user. Music users include radio stations, television stations, satellite/cable TV providers, hotels, clubs, event centers, restaurants, mobile DJs, pubs, live music venues, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, gyms, banking halls, commercial buses and taxis, airport lounges, digital service providers, brand activation companies, parks, websites, blogs, etc.
The musical works and sound recordings you are playing in the course of doing your business belong to music creators or copyright holders who have written, created, performed or published the works.
As a music user, you need a music copyright licence to use or play music in your business or facility, as the music creators and copyright holders need to be paid.
COSON helps music creators by licensing their works and collecting licence fees from music users like you, and these fees are then paid to the creators as royalties! The licensing fees differ depending on what you use the music for.


A music copyright licence is the permission or authorization to use music in your business or facility.
The COSON music copyright licence permits or authorizes music users to use or play music publicly at their businesses or facilities.
The money collected from music users are called "licence fees". These fees are then distributed to music creators as royalties.
Depending on your type of business and how music is deployed in your business, licence fees are usually not the same. So, different kinds music users would require different types of licences.


By supporting Music Creators, you are helping create a healthy music industry, ensuring that people who create music reap the benefits of having the song that you played at your establishment. By paying your licence fees, you’re sending a positive message to Music Creators, who will be more inclined to perform at your establishment and support your business.


Any venue or business that plays background, recorded, broadcast or live music in public must get a music licence from COSON. This includes businesses and people such as the following:

• Radio Stations
• Television Stations
• Satellite/Cable TV Operators
• Hotels & Similar Establishments
• Brand Activation Companies
• Shopping malls
• Cinemas
• Concerts
• Night Clubs
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Mobile DJs
• Buses & Taxis
• Music Venues
• Airport Lounges
• Any place where music is used commercially or publicly


Support our music creators by getting your facilities and businesses licensed