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The owners of copyright in the works such as songwriters, performers, composers and publishers around the world are rest assured that the royalties due to them for the use of their works are collected by COSON and made available to the beneficiaries in a transparent and accountable manner.

COSON represents the interests of all owners of copyright in music in an open and accountable manner in which right owners from every part of Nigeria have a say. We are an organization which is closely regulated and monitored by the government to ensure that music users are not exploited and there is no abuse of the interest of the owners of copyright in music.

The objective is to ensure that those who invest their creative energy enjoy the fruits of their labour so that the creative enterprise can truly boom, offering good income and employment to the nation’s talent. The essence of COSON is aptly captured in the now popular COSON slogan, LET THE MUSIC PAY!



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