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As promised by Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) at a recently held World Press Conference, the protest against the meddling of the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami, in the music industry continues to spread as music industry stakeholders mount a major demonstration at the Federal High Court, Calabar this Thursday, February 8, 2018 against the deployment of the MCSN syndicate to create confusion in the Nigerian music industry and to shake down innocent users of music for alarming amounts of money to be shared by those who neither play music nor have any investments in the Nigerian music industry.

Stressing the resolve of COSON at the Press Conference, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji said, “We will continue to protest until the arm twisting and blackmailing of Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court, Lagos is brought to an end, the Federal High Court of Nigeria is left free to do justice to all men as the judges deem fit and the Attorney–General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami is stopped from further meddling in the affairs of the Nigerian music industry.


“We will deploy our voices, drums, cymbals, trumpets, guitars and every other musical instrument available to us and we will employ our talents in our protest until the whole world hears us.

“We will continue this indefinite protest until the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) is returned to the supervision of the Minister charged with responsibility for culture as expressly provided in Section 51 of the Nigerian Copyright Act”.

Decrying the recent award of the sum of almost N6 billion against Mutichoice Nigeria to the infamous syndicate, Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN) which is  facing seven pending criminal cases at the Federal High Court and which the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami ordered the Nigerian Copyright Commission to approve in 2017, despite the protest of the NCC, Chief Okoroji said that the development is bizarre because  at the time the purported infringement took place, MCSN was not an approved collecting society and that there is a plethora of Court of Appeal decisions stating that without approval, MCSN cannot collect royalties in Nigeria.




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