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City People honour Chief

‘A’ – List celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry, senior government officials and the top brass of the Nigerian media are getting set for a night of razzmatazz; top level entertainment and a special moment to celebrate and honour one of Africa’s best known entertainment gurus – the intellectual property expert, master event organizer, top class author, ace producer and unassailable defender of the rights of creative people, Chief Tony Okoroji.

The event which is being organised by one of Nigeria’s leading publications, City People Magazine, will on the night, honour Okoroji, the Chairman Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) with the ‘PILLAR OF ENTERTAINMENT IN NIGERIA’ award for his indelible contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry which have brought about positive change in diverse areas of the industry especially in his unceasing fight for the average creative person in Nigeria to get appropriate reward for his labour and for the Nigerian nation to benefit from the creative talents of its citizens.

Extolling the virtues of the COSON Chairman and TOPS Boss and the reason behind the august event, the magazine stated that aside from being the youngest ever PMAN President at 29 years, Okoroji has a track record of delivering the greatest achievements in the history of the musicians’ body. In the City People publication currently making rounds across the Internet, the magazine said of the author of the celebrated book, ‘Copyright & the New Millionaires’, “…as an activist leader, Chief Okoroji mounted an unrelenting campaign for the review of the nation’s copyright laws, organizing demonstrations across the country which forced the hands of the military government. He was eventually appointed by the Federal Government into the Committees that redrafted both the Nigerian Copyright Law and its first amendment. He also led the vanguard for the establishment of the Nigerian Copyright Commission and served twice on the Board of the Commission. Chief Okoroji is today one of Nigeria’s most respected authorities on Intellectual Property and he continues to be an unrelenting voice in the campaign for the rights of creative people.

“Chief Tony Okoroji created and launched the famous Nigerian Music Awards, Africa’s first internationally respected entertainment award event which has played host to Heads of State, Ambassadors, Ministers, Governors and stars from all over the world. As a social activist, he has served in many capacities including being a member of the Lagos State Police/Community Relations Committee”.
Chief Tony Okoroji recently brought the cream of Nigeria to commission the magnificent ‘COSON House’ in Ikeja, the first real property owned by any association, group, guild or union in the creative industry, a first-class property built without any kobo from the government, any grant from any local or foreign institution or any loan from any bank.
Speaking on the upcoming event from Kigali, Rwanda where he is currently attending a CISAC meeting, COSON General Manager, Mr. Chinedu Chukwuji said the honour is one well deserved.

In his words “It takes you to work with this man like I have done very closely to understand that aside from being a hardworker, here is a leader that is very passionate about whatever venture he engages in. If there is anything that singles him out from the lot, it is his penchant for excellence. He does not just talk, he always delivers visible results. Chief Okoroji is very detailed and above everything else very dedicated, tenacious and committed to his determination that no Nigerian musician or their foreign counterpart is cheated out of any kobo he deserves. At COSON, he has imbibed in us a culture of others over self and personally, I am most grateful to be working with an enigmatic leader like him”

Also speaking, COSON Director, Mrs. Azeezat Allen, said the honour is one that is long overdue. “This is a man that lives to celebrate others and asking nothing in return. I want to personally appreciate the City People magazine’s management and their amiable leader, Uncle Seye Kehinde for this gesture” she said

Continuing, the Queen of love added “I have worked closely with this man for some time now and I can authoritatively tell you that despite his age, I cannot keep up with him. Cerebral, dedicated and tactical, you just cannot match up with this man. He is always a step ahead of you. But one thing I can say stands him out is the fact that despite his immense knowledge, he never fails to ask for your suggestion and opinion before making his final decision”

The awards ceremony holds at the prestigious 10 Degrees Events Center on Sunday August 6, 2017.




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